Filler injection

Filler injection is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of the skin and skin, especially in the face area, and it may be used as an alternative to some surgical cosmetic procedures, such as nasal fillers.

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Different types of fillers are used to treat signs of aging in several areas of the body, such as: Lip filler. Filling in flat areas on the face and fixed wrinkles, especially in the lower part. Reducing or eliminating dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. Scar filling to appear smoother.
Fillers are generally safe and it is recommended to follow the following to ensure user safety: Never buy syringes online and get them only from a professional. Ensure that injections are taken by trained and licensed plastic surgeons and doctors to administer them in equipped and dedicated clinics. Asking the doctor about his experience in using the chosen type of filler, the more experience he has, the better. Ensure the presence of fillers in unopened syringes and it is recommended to check them well. Read the ingredients of the injection carefully and do not take it if you are allergic to any of its components. Inform the doctor of the medications and nutritional supplements used, as some of them may interact with the components of the filler or may affect the blood's ability to clot.
The effect of the filler lasts for a period depending on its type, the treated area, and the patient being treated, in general the more intense the product and the deeper the injection, the more permanent the results. Hyaluronic acid injections, for example, are the least permanent types, so they last from 6 to 18 months, and the injections used in the lips expire faster than those used in the folds of the nose, and the synthetic filler lasts longer because it is not absorbed into the body.

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Filler injection
  • 12 January, 2021
  • Filler injection

Some believe when hearing the term "filler" at first glance that it is a substance that removes wrinkles or rejuvenates, but the truth is that the word (filler) in English means filling, and it is the name of the technique and not the name of the substance used in this technique. Filler is a non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia, and the filler process takes between a quarter of an hour to half an hour to fill the voids under the skin caused by wrinkles and signs of aging, which returns the face to a youthful, full and beautiful appearance. Several materials are used in the filler technique, including natural, such as fat cells or collagen, and industrial ones such as hyaluronic acid or synthetic polymer. ....

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Filler injection