Plasma injection

Plasma platelet injection for the face is prepared by drawing a sample from the patient's blood and is treated to separate red and white blood cells, then drawing the liquid transparent plasma with all its components that are then used in plasma injection and help in treating many skin problems, the most important of which is accelerating the formation of new skin cells that are more youthful and vibrant And then reduce the signs of aging that appear in the form of wrinkles on the face.

Frequently Asked Questions

The skin is injected with plasma by drawing an appropriate amount of the patient’s blood, and in specialized laboratories and with modern techniques, the plasma is separated from the blood because it contains a good proportion of stem cells, after which the separated plasma is mixed with calcium, which helps maintain the freshness of the skin and its youth.
A mixture of plasma and calcium is injected into the area to be treated on the face.
The injection is given with a small injection after local anesthetic is used to relieve pain.
When performing skin plasma injection, the specialist doctor advises to conduct 3 sessions, the average time between them is at least 40 days, and if it is necessary to repeat the injection after that, it is better to pass a year and a half after the previous injection.

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Plasma injection
  • 6 February, 2021
  • Plasma injection

Platelet-rich plasma is used in facial injections and it plays several roles within the skin once it is injected under it, so the benefits of plasma for the face come from platelets whose primary function is treatment and stimulating the damaged tissues to treat and produce new cells, while the plasma contains various proteins, vitamins and minerals. It stimulates the skin and what is below it to produce collagen, helps the skin and stimulates it to return to its initial state, restoring its freshness and texture, and filling the cavities caused by wrinkles in it, thus reducing its appearance and its effect on the general shape of the skin. The plasma gives amazing results over time, so the skin appears shiny and fresh again, the color differences in it disappear and the pallor that appears on parts of it, and wrinkles diminish and the skin regains its smooth texture and rich texture that looks healthy, the weak skin looks dry and slender as if it is about to rupture if you attract it strongly, but Here its strength and strength again. ....

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Plasma injection