Face contour

The basic principle of contour depends on the idea of contrast or contrast between prominent and sunken areas of the skin, the main goal is to give the prominent areas a shade lighter than the natural color of the skin by one or two degrees, and to give the sunken areas a color darker than the skin color by one or two degrees.

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As we all know that with advancing years of age, both women and men lose fat from the face, and their ligaments become sagging and lose their tightness, and the skin of the face is sagging, and here, through the non-surgical facial contouring technique
we can resort to injecting fillers under the facial ligaments with very advanced techniques It works to tighten it and lift it up, and this technique is called "face lift through filler injection."

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Face contour
  • 27 January, 2021
  • Face contour

The doctor performs a CT scan on the candidate here. To obtain images that clarify the bones of the face, so that they act as a guide, and he has a specific target that is easy to reach. Contouring surgery takes a not short period of time, as this process includes many other plastic surgeries, such as grafting and tissue transfer, bone contouring and polishing, liposuction, chin contouring operations, and many other procedures that differ according to the patient's need and the shape he wishes to obtain on him. This operation is performed under general anesthesia, and in most of these operations, the surgical intervention is on the mouth and cheeks from the inside. This is to give the surgeon enough space to reach the different areas of the face, and to hide any surgical effects that may occur. ....

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Face contour