Mesotherapy injection

Mesotherapy injection is an injection of nutrients for the skin, where doctors use many different solutions, including: (vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, enzymes, and hormones) in order to solve skin problems, including getting rid of wrinkles and thin lines on the face, as well as removing flabby skin, in addition to To lighten dark spots and quickly renew facial cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the two treatments are different, and it is possible to take mesotherapy injections more intensively, up to twice per week, while plasma injections are used only once every two weeks.
Mesotherapy injections are injections that are distributed and injected onto the entire scalp, especially on areas affected by hair loss or baldness.
About forty strips are distributed over the entire hair, and the doctor injects about one degree of the syringe components into each hook.
Mesotherapy injection is an injection of important vitamins that hair needs to grow, so stopping this treatment does not restore the loss, but if the lack of vitamins in the scalp returns to its previous era, it is expected that hair will fall again, and to get the best results, the treatment should not be left suddenly Rather, the number of sessions must be gradually reduced, so that it becomes one session every week, then one session every month, and so on.

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Mesotherapy injection
  • 31 January, 2021
  • Mesotherapy injection

Mesotherapy is a technique through which a specific location in the body is injected with vitamins, enzymes, hormones, or even platelets for various health purposes. The injection is done through small needles that deliver the injection material to the middle layer of the skin ....

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Mesotherapy injection