Dermapen for the face

Dermapen is a technique that works on scarring the skin to mix blood to renew facial cells, and it is used by the technique of micro-needles (dermapen) and the superficial chemical peeling with a Gesner solution to treat acne scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dermapen device is used in the treatment of skin pallor problems, as it can stimulate collagen production in the skin, which contributes to the renewal of its vitality and freshness, and the removal of scars and pits resulting from acne by stimulating blood circulation within the skin tissues.
The dermapen may cause some unwanted side effects, including: Redness and inflammation of the skin immediately after use. The emergence of drops of blood or as it is known as simple bleeding in the deeply treated area. Peeling skin. Exposure to infection as a result of opening the pores of the skin and the ability of bacteria or other parasites to penetrate the skin easily, and thus infection. Signs or bruises on the skin, especially sensitive skin.

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  • 26 January, 2021
  • Dermapen for the face

Women and girls are always searching for the best ways to care for their skin and hair in order to get fresh and vibrant skin, away from the use of cosmetics that cause damage and pale skin after repeated use, and with the development of cosmetic treatment methods around the world, many modern technologies have appeared that overcome It deals with skin problems and helps to renew its vitality and give it freshness and beauty, and one of the most important and most famous of these techniques is the Dermapen technique, which has become widespread in the recent period. ....

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Dermapen for the face