Lip augmentation

The lip augmentation procedure involves taking a strip of skin from the part of the upper lip near the nose or using skin injections to enlarge the pink part of the upper or lower lip.

What to expect following surgery

1 Day

In Hospital

4-6 Weeks

Before Exercise

10 Days

Before Driving

2 Hours

In Surgery


What is lip augmentation?
  • 20 January, 2021
  • Lip augmentation

There is no single answer to this question, as the procedures and procedures that can be taken with the aim of lip augmentation are multiple, with multiple causes. These procedures that doctors use to correct and beautify (reduce / enlarge /…) the lips and improve the proportions and dimensions between the patient's lips, nose, teeth, and the structural composition of his face. So, we can say that the ideal appearance of the lips is determined by the spatial relationship it has with other structures and organs of the face, especially the teeth, and this is not only in the case of stability, but also takes into account the shape of the lips during the performance of its function such as speaking and eating. ....

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Lip augmentation