Breast self-fat injection

Breast augmentation with self-fat is performed by taking fat from multiple areas of the body where fat is available, then it is prepared for injection into the body in the chest, and the chest can be enlarged with fat, and fat can be obtained from the lower arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks, and abdominal fat is often used to enlarge the breast .

What to expect following surgery

1 Day

In Hospital

4-6 Weeks

Before Exercise

10 Days

Before Driving

2 Hours

In Surgery


Breast augmentation with fat injection
  • 15 February, 2021
  • Breast self-fat injection

Breast augmentation via fat injection is the latest method for enlarging the chest, which is known as the natural method of breast enlargement. This method is also the most correct method for breast beauty This is done in conjunction with liposuction, to use the fat extracted from the body and then fill it with the breast. ....

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Breast self-fat injection