Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery includes a variety of procedures that lead to the restoration of the formation and construction of a new breast after mastectomy, as a result of a lumpectomy or other trauma and accidents.

What to expect following surgery

1 Day

In Hospital

4-6 Weeks

Before Exercise

10 Days

Before Driving

2 Hours

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Breast reconstruction
  • 14 January, 2021
  • Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure in which a woman can restore the shape of the breast after its mastectomy - that is, after mastectomy surgery to treat or prevent breast cancer. Breast reconstruction using flap surgery involves cutting a portion of tissue from an area of the body - often the abdomen - and moving it to form a new breast. Breast reconstruction using flap surgery is a complex procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. Most breast reconstruction using body tissues can be performed at the time of the mastectomy itself (immediate reconstruction), but sometimes a separate surgery can be performed later (delayed reconstruction). ....

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Breast reconstruction