Body contouring surgery

A process or activity that increases muscle strength visible in the body through exercise or fat removal using plastic surgery procedures (such as liposuction or a tummy tuck)

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect following surgery

1 Day

In Hospital

4-6 Weeks

Before Exercise

10 Days

Before Driving

2 Hours

In Surgery


What is body sculpting?
  • 19 February, 2021
  • Body contouring surgery

Body sculpting operations are the processes of forming certain areas in the body (sometimes reaching slimming the whole body) in the way that the obese patient desires, and the required results may be simple and he does not want anything more than getting rid of "cellulite" (which is difficult to get rid of without these methods. Body sculpting differs from traditional methods of liposuction in that it can smoothly highlight the aesthetic features of the body, and reach some areas of the body to the desired shape completely, not just coordinating body weight. These techniques. ....

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Body contouring surgery