Scar revision

Scar revision The body reacts to an injury with a series of coordinated steps, each of which helps in healing the wound. Superficial lesions of the epidermis heal without forming a scar. And plastic surgery can reduce the impact of scars to the least possible effect.

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1 Day

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4-6 Weeks

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10 Days

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What is the scar repair process?
  • 3 March, 2021
  • Scar revision

Scar repair is a reconstructive surgery that aims to reduce the scar and unify the surface of the skin to blend with the rest of the body skin. A scar is a clear skin mark that remains visible after the wound has healed. While a scar in itself is inevitable, its seriousness is related to the size of the wound, its depth and location, in addition to the person’s age, genetics and skin type. Poor skin healing after surgery or an injury can lead to deformities in the scars, which can negatively affect the person’s psyche, especially if the scar is on the face. However, scar repair is the best way to reduce the impact of scars on the physical and psychological level. ....

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Scar revision