Thigh lift

Sagging skin on the thigh from the inside is noticeable in people who have lost large amounts of weight in a short period of time. During weight gain and obesity, the skin is stretched a lot, and with rapid weight loss, the fat under the skin is emptied, which leads to the skin's thinning and sagging to lose its elasticity.

What to expect following surgery

1 Day

In Hospital

4-6 Weeks

Before Exercise

10 Days

Before Driving

2 Hours

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Thigh slimming process
  • 21 February, 2021
  • Thigh lift

Some people suffer from the accumulation of fat in the thighs area in a way that causes them several problems. The accumulation of fat in this area also results in the appearance of "cellulite" in an unwanted form from most people, and obesity causes the thighs to join them, which results in friction. The thighs when walking or moving, and the increase in sweat in this area, causes darkening of the soles of the thighs, which prompts many people to think about the process of slimming the thighs. ....

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Thigh lift